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Olive is an unincorporated community located in northwest Creek County.  The post office was established November 20, 1896, and discontinued September 30, 1938.  The town was named after the first postmasters' daughter. Olive was the birthplace of Leon "Jack" Guthrie, a songwriter and performer whose rewritten version of his cousin, Woody Guthrie song "Oklahoma Hills, a 1945 hit. On June 8,1974, a F4 tornado wiped out the town.  Olive is well known for the water well located in the center of town and for the convenience store called "Happy Corner Store."    

The department was unofficially established in 1988 in a member's barn with one homemade fire truck.  On May 28, 1993, the department became state incorporated and certified Title 18 volunteer fire department. 

Today we are an all-hazards department operating from one station covering 44 square miles with a budget supported from fire protection agreements, service fees, donations, fundraisers, grants and a newly voted 1/6th of a cent shared county fire protection sales tax. We are an IRS 501(c)3 public charity organization meaning all donations are tax deductible.  We respond to approximately 100 calls for service annually with an ISO Public Classification 5/10 rating. 

Our mission is to "help those who are in need" and our vision is "a team of well-trained professional members with the knowledge and resources to control any situation given that will enhance the safety of the citizens and visitors of Olive."

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm at the fire station open to the public unless otherwise noted.

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Contact Information

43526 West 95th Street South, Drumright, OK 74030
Emergency: 911 or 918-352-3131
Non-Emergency: 918-352-4040

2023 Public Meeting Notice.pdf 2023 Public Meeting Notice.pdf
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Advertisement for Bids- Battery Power Rescue Tools for Olive Volunteer Fire Department, 1-11-2023
The Olive Volunteer Fire Department is soliciting from qualified vendors to provide one (1) battery powered rescue spreader, cutter and ram and related components.  This equipment will be used to extricate, disentangle and rescue trapped victims. This equipment will be purchased using federal grant funds and department budget.
The Request for Bid package may be obtained from the Fire Chief by emailing the request to 
Bids will be accepted until 6:59 pm Central Standard Time on February 7, 2023. Bids will be publicly opened and read out aloud by the board of trustees at the regularly scheduled monthly meeting on February 7, 2023, at 7:00 pm at the Olive Volunteer Fire Department fire station located at 43526 West 95th Street South, Drumright, OK 74030. 
This advertisement will be printed two consecutive times in the Drumright Gusher weekly newspaper, posted on the Olive Volunteer Fire Department website, Facebook social media page, fire station outside public bulletin board and shall be sent to multiple vendors via electronic mail.
The Olive Volunteer Fire Department procurement process is an open process that allows all vendors and/or business owners to participate regardless of race, color, natural origin or sex and we encourage minority and women-owned businesses to bid on any of our projects.

110 Total Calls for Service
90 Emergency Responses, 20 Non-Emergency Responses
61 Fires, 12 Medicals, 4 Rescues, 0 HazMat, 20 Good Intents, 10 False Alarms, 3 All Other
34 Auto/Mutual Aid Given, 9 Auto/Mutual Aid Received
Majority of the fires were wildland/grass fires
Busiest month was April, Slowest month was November
Busiest day of the week is Friday, Slowest day of the week is Saturday
Busiest time of day was between 3pm and 4pm 
Property Loss $369,968.00, Acre Loss 102 
0 Fire Related Civilian Casuality

$16,734.96 Total Department Budget
$91,944.10 Total Revenue, $92,456.34 Total Expenses
Majority of department budget revenue was from grants and fire agreements
Majority of department expenses was for station and vehicle maintenance
$106,390.73 Total County Fire Sales Tax Revenue (from 7-2021 to 1-2023)
$51,658.62 Total County Fire Sales Tax Expenses (from 7-2021 to 1-2023)

754 Total Training Hours, 1,548 Total Contact Hours
240 Fire Suppression hours, 77 HazMat hours, 27 Driver/Operator hours, 40 Technical Rescue hours, 
91 Officer hours, 279 EMS hours 

1,886 Total Work Hours, 1 Firefighter Casuality, 0 Injury Workday Losses 

To see the complete report, please visit the fire station.


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Did you known cooking is the number one cause of accidental fires in the home followed by heating, electrical, smoking, candles and over 3,000 people die in fires each year.  With proper preparedness you can keep your family safe with three easy steps: 1. Installing and testing your smoke alarms, 2. Close your door before you go to sleep and 3. Creating and practicing a fire escape plan.

Please review the below documents with your family.  More information may be obtained by visiting the National Fire Protection Association and the Close Before You Doze websites. 

We also offer FREE, yes FREE smoke alarms for your home! Contact us for more information. 

Smoke Alarm Locations.pdf Smoke Alarm Locations.pdf
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Close Before You Doze.pdf Close Before You Doze.pdf
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Family Escape Plan.pdf Family Escape Plan.pdf
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"Greater love has no one than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends" 
John 15:13

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